Videos (Eloi Biosca & Daniel Sánchez)





My interest in the nude form in video does not only proceed from the values associated with natural living and freedom, which although I hold these values and they are present in my work, do not constitute its principal inspiration. For me, working with the nude form in the video medium satisfies another, stronger need, which is to teach how to see and value the beauty of the male body when it appears completely naked in situations and contexts of daily life and especially when it is in motion. I believe it is important to create sequences in which the contemplation of a nude man moving can generate a strong visual attraction capable of seducing the spectator by the beauty of the images, and that from the aesthetic pleasure these provoke one can, if possible, caress one's sensuality.

I also believe that in order to achieve these ends it is necessary to avoid the reflection of very elaborate movements, enacted by adequately trained dancers or athletes, and instead to go looking, among non-professional models, for the gestures and actions of daily life, which owing to their naturalness and freshness are potentially more stimulating.

On the other hand, in my shortfilms there are some autobiographical things. First of all they show my special attraction towards my models. An attraction that, in some cases, has been corresponded, at least in some way. In this sense, my works are a sort of love declaration.

I think they show what I feel towards a model and the satisfaction and excitation that this feeling provokes him. It's a kind of sexual correspondence or, also, love correspondence.

When you are feeling that, you need to express it in some way, and art is a path that allows its sublimation.

The sensuality, the naturality, and the beauty of my images are fruit of the deep trust, the big admiration and the sincere affection that appear and grow betwen the model and me in both directions.

Specially, you can observe that in my film; shower, that You can sense what high esteem and respect exists betwen my models and me. For this reason, Dani can have an spontaneos and not premeditated erection while he is showering in front of me.

My models aren't professional. They belong to a world which is very different from mine. With a very low educational level, without job and having a lot of personal and social problems. Apparently they aren't the best appropiate people to have as friends. But they have some very importants values, like their spontaneity, their freshness, their impulsiveness. And they have a very natural body. A body that has not been artificially built by the gym and not shaved. These young men have the beauty of the wilderness and give us the sensuality of the wilderness. I hope to show this in my movies.

Currently I have a doctorate (PHD) from the University of Barcelona and I work in Education. I'm a teacher of history of art and along my professional life I've been very innovative, always searching fornew strategies to motivate students and teachers in the classroom. In this sense, I have produced a lot of digital, educational games, including historical buildings in virtual reality. See:

During those years I received very few mails from teachers and students expressing their opinions about my works. All of them were always professional comments, very correct greeting reviews, but distant and cold. My work had not touched their heart, their soul.

However, when I have started making videos about nude men, the number of received comments has been multiplied (I'm not referring to the educational world, of course), but the most important thing is that they are more emotional, more personal, and very passionate.

What can I think about this? Perhaps, among people the importance of the beauty and the sensuality is bigger and its impact is deeper than the interest for education, although the public opinion intends to convince otherwise.

On the other hand, I think that my works reflect an educational point of view. Probably a real teacher cannot escape from the influence of his daily work and his vocation. In this sense, I think my work also wants to teach to value the beauty and the sensuality emanating from the nude. Frequently there are others who make you realize this, for exemple, a fan sent me this comment a month ago: This is fantastic and should be shown to very young boy and girl on the edge of puberty, even during sex education in schools....