28'5 x 36 cm
71 pictures color and b/w

March 2008


The main idea of this book is to photograph nudes in everyday life contexts and situations . That is, I wanted to work with the scenes in environments and areas where being naked and seeing naked people is a frequent and plausible situation, like for example the changing rooms in a gym, nudist beaches, the gay cruising areas, saunas, at home, etc.

In these scenarios nudity is unavoidable and it easily attracts people's attention in a more or less conscious way, whether the glimpses of it are deliberate or by chance. It is reasonable to think that depending on the way people look there will be an intention and it is evident that their sight focuses on something surprising or interesting for them. So a great variety of gazes can be photographed, like for example, the ones that are the result of curiosity, the ones that observe the body of another person to compare it with one's own body, the ones that search for a beautiful body in order to admire it, the ones that express desire of having some kind of erotic contact, etc. I also wanted to photograph the feeling of shame when faced with the possibility of being observed, and the sensation of being invisible by the people who have a body that is very far from the current aesthetic standards.




Even though the views are focused on the man's body, I have not excluded the woman. In order to make this understandable I must explain that my pictures are taken from three points of view: when the man looks at himself, when men look at other men and when it is a woman who looks at a man.

I think that nude photography should not only show beautiful bodies in compositions and interesting plays of light but it should also express a narrative content and a message. This is one of the main ideas of the book. Specifically, I wanted to photograph anecdotes of daily life, simple views people give each other and which deep down hide a story, no matter how small it is.

My pictures are not snapshots but all follow a previous script in which the models had an assigned role. I have often had a hunch that in a certain context and with certain people there could be gazes. I prepared them and put them into the scene and now the readers must make their own interpretation. The result has been that in some cases a story starts and finishes in only one picture and in other cases pictures integrate sequences with a connecting thread .

Before starting the project I knew I would need a lot of models and I assumed that finding them would be very difficult; that is why I looked for them everywhere: in contact webs; putting adverts in the press and internet; hanging posters in the university, in leisure places and gyms; advertising in nudist beaches and erotic festivals, talking to friends, negotiating with boy prostitutes, etc. In all cases I offered remuneration and the only requirement was that they had to be adults.

As you might guess the typology of my models is very varied and none of them is a professional model. Moreover, we must take into account that one of the reasons why they wanted to pose for me was that the idea of the project interested them.

Since the invitation was so open I thought, a priori, that some smart alec would play a joke on me and that I might find some offensive or disagreeable situations. But curiously, that has not been the case. I could have a serious conversation and an honest relationship with all the people that showed interest in being models. Some people didn't have a clear idea about it, but then they didn't usually turn up for the interview.

I remember during the first interviews even I myself did not really believe that I could persuade the person facing me. For me this project has also been a maturing process in which I have had to face shyness and lack of self-confidence.







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