Men in 360º


Gallery 2010




"The human body is the most important work ever created by the Divine and, when His Son became flesh, He did so as a man, not as a woman, a horse or a tree. Christ was THE most handsome man who ever existed and for this reason whenever we gaze upon male beauty, we are drawing closer to the Divine. It is not that we have the right to do so, but rather, that it is our DUTY to adore such a body."

These words by Michelangelo, words shared by the circle of philosophers and artists at the Court of Lorenzo the Magnificent and emphasized at the highest echelons of the Vatican, justified the predilection for male nudes as an artistic subject matter that was so wide-spread in the Renaissance.

In an era as secularized as our own, no justification based on religion nor any other rationale is necessary to allow us to look at a naked man, especially if he's handsome. It is a pleasure to capture the proportions of a well-developed body, to gaze upon it from various vantage points, to enjoy looking at the shape of the appendages, the turning of muscles and the details of their hair and all of this for that brief period of time, those few moments when the man himself allows it, a pleasure one does not get to enjoy very easily, a pleasure that this animation brings to you.

The nude model, displayed in all his earnestness, with neither shadow, gesture, nor object to cover any part, is the artistic form that best permits one to savor the beauty of a body. Clothes, no matter how minimal, hide, distract from, and, as such, impede the observation of all a body's proportions and parts in a natural way, while at the same time, by awakening mystery and curiosity, train us to feed our desire.

The speed at which the images in a video pass by don't allow one to capture the details of the human body with all the attention one might prefer; in order to do so it would be necessary to pause the sequence at each frame to give the mind the time it needs to entertain all the details placed before it. Inversely, photography does permit us this total attention, but, being a static medium it only shows us what we are looking at from a single point of view.

On the other hand, photography as well as video only gives the user a low level of interactivity, or none at all, given that both are designed to be contemplated passively by the spectator.

Departing from these observations, the animations that you see here are an attempt to combine what these two media offer us, which is to say the opportunity to dispose of however much time and detail one desires in the contemplation of a body, with the possibility to view this body from all angles in a movement of 360 degrees. And all this with a level of interaction more adequate to the demands of the 21 st century.

None of the models photographed is a professional; I encountered the majority of them on nude beaches, principally the cove of Balmins de Sitges and “Waikiki” of Tarragona. In the summer I frequently go to the beach because I like to swim and sunbathe in the nude, and when I see a stranger I like, I introduce myself, explain my work, and propose that they model for me.

Very rarely has the reply been disagreeable, as the possible model is nearly always flattered and curious. And while I must confess that given my shyness it took a lot of time for me to decide on this type of “recruitment,” the results have been much more satisfactory than, to take one example, the contacts one might obtain on the internet. I assume that the fact that the model already practices nudism and can speak face to face with the person making the offer are factors in my favor, whereas the web offers an apparent ease and anonymity. However, while it is very easy to find people who might be interested on websites with free classified and contact services, paradoxically, the percentage of models who have ultimately come to work for me via this channel is incomparably less.